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Corprate Clients

Brix + Partners LLC serves internationally active mid-sized companies (Mittelstand), family-owned companies, and public companies, with economic interests in the United States, including:

  • Domestic and foreign corporations

  • Domestic and foreign partnerships

  • Domestic and foreign hybrid entities

  • Venture capital and private equity funds

  • Charitable and family foundations

Tax Planning

Tax Planning

  • International tax planning and application of double taxation agreements (DTAs)

  • Feasability Studies

  • Situs and location planning

  • Choice of legal entity

  • Optimization of overall tax

  • Optimization of individual state tax

  • Structuring of funds and private placements

  • Structuring of venture capital and private equity investments

Memoranda, Opinions and other written advice

Memoranda, Opinions and other written advice

  • Tax advice and opinions on mergers and acquisitions

  • Tax advice and opinions on restructurings, reorganizations, capital increases and reductions, disputes, liquidations, sales, and the admission and redemption of shareholders

  • Advice and opinions on the tax-related aspects of contracts

  • Advice and opinions on financial statements for accounting and tax purposes

Comprehensive Implementation

Comprehensive Implementation

  • Startup companies

  • Business acquisitions

  • Investments, joint ventures

  • Due diligence studies

  • Structuring, restructuring

  • Real estate investments

  • Leasing arrangements



  • Advice on setting up accounting and management information systems

  • Preparation of interim financial statements and management reports

  • Preparation of financial statements (compilations) according to German (HGB), U.S. (GAAP), and international (IFRS) accounting principles

  • Assistance with the preparation of annual financial statements

  • Assistance with external audits of any kind

  • Preparation of special balance sheets (e.g., for bankruptcy or liquidation)

  • Treasury and cash management services

  • Preparation of tax returns at the federal, state and local levels

  • Determination of estimated tax payments, and withholding tax on business and investment income

  • Analysis of sales tax obligations as well as reporting and payment compliance with states and municipalities

  • Compliance with other regulatory information, registration, and approval obligations 

Audit, Examination and Tax Controversies

Audit, Examination and Tax Controversies

  • Responding to tax notices

  • Responding to information requests from the tax authorities

  • Support with tax audits

  • Administrative and court tax proceedings, tax criminal proceedings

  • Voluntary disclosures

  • Private letter rulings

  • Competent authority procedures

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